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9 - 11 November9 November – The National Museum | 10 – 11 November – Dusit Nairobi


When creativity speaks, new business opportunities and positive societal changes emerge. The creative and cultural industry is a vital force for growth both in itself and in society.

Sweden@Kenya is a forum for Swedish and Kenyan entrepreneurs within creative and cultural industries. Through discussions, masterclasses and studio work, the forum focuses on the economic potential of innovation, digitalisation and creativity. Built on the two countries’ expertise and experience, the Sweden@Kenya platform aims to explore the economical and societal potential of the creative sector and provide an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The forum will address issues such as how to unify the voice of the sector, how to identify and create effective collaborations, and the role of the creative and cultural sector in a complex, digitalised and interlinked world where ideas, values and visions are needed. Sweden@Kenya aims to bring tangible results in terms of intellectual inspiration, new contacts and networks, business opportunities as well as strengthened bilateral cooperation and exchanges between Sweden and Kenya.

Sweden@Kenya has a cross-disciplinary approach uniting creative industries, the private sector (business), education and policy for problem-solving and innovation. Sustainability and digitalisation are paramount and will be taken into consideration at all times.

All you need to know

The Sweden@Kenya forum will take place in Nairobi on 9–11 November 2016.  The Program spans three days and is filled with inspirational talks, cultural interactions and action-oriented studios and masterclasses. You will be given the opportunity to interact and listen to Swedish and Kenyan creatives, learn about the latest initiatives from the creative sector and challenge your own perceptions.

The content of the forum have been formulated by ‘Breakfast Clubs’ in Kenya and Sweden, comprised of key interlocutors in both countries. As part of the preparations for the event, Kenyan creatives visited Sweden in mid-June and Swedish creatives visited Kenya in September, connecting with partners and visiting relevant businesses, government agencies and organisations.

The forum on 9–11 November is for invited guest only. 

The Studios and Masterclasses

Imagine my City

Join a conversation about reprogramming the perceptions of public spaces. The variety of the public spaces should be considered as a barometer for creativeness in the urban factory. The studio explores how public space can be understood as creative actions through a critical approach to our own perceptions and standardized forms of urban planning. 


This Studio explores the meeting between fashion and tech. Tech disruption is changing markets and value networks, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances. How can fashion designers take advantage of new digital screens and other technological possibilities? What is needed to rethink the design process? Join this fashion driven studio to create a new understanding of emerging fashion technologies.

Telling our story

We invite you to a co-creative and inspiring session with a mix of discussions, masterclasses and worklabs that will aim at enabling you to develop your business further by relevant and concrete themes and questions. This will be a studio where we share success stories and challenges within the communication and media industry. You will leave and feel inspired being confirmed or challenged in ways you do things today. We also hope that this studio will enhance your opportunities to international business contacts.

Sustainable Lifestyle: the role of Creatives in Advancing Sustainable Living 

This studio generates ideas and rethink the role of creatives for sustainable solutions. Sustainable lifestyle requires attractive services and products, creative and smart design is key for sustainable lifestyle. What are the Emerging issues, Policy issues, Opportunities and Challenges for creatives to promote sustainable living? 

By invitation only

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Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi @SwedeninKE

The Embassy represents and advances Swedish policies, interests and values in political and economic relations, development cooperation, trade and investment promotion and in cultural and information matters. It provides consular services to Swedish nationals and migration services to non-nationals. The Embassy acts bilaterally, through the European Union (EU) as well as within the United Nations (UN).

Swedish Institute @swedenatkenya

The Swedish Institute is a public agency with a staff of approximately 140 employees, with offices in Stockholm, Visby and Paris. Our commitment is to gain knowledge and understanding of different cultures, their people, and to promote Sweden and Swedish issues globally.